Everyone is giving me the creeps.

2 Mar

Keeping you up to date on some new trailers so that I can avoid homework for another 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Paranorman, new trailer, looks awesome of course, check it out!

Tim Burton is making a feature film of his short “Frankenweenie”

In other Tim Burton news, Abraham Lincoln is a Vampire Hunter who makes trees explode with his ax? Why am I okay with that?

Wondering why The Lorax trailer is not in my blog? It’s because you’ve already had it shoved down your throat 50 times. Poor Seuss has his name attached to that sell out. Over 70 product tie-ins, including products that directly conflict with the environmental message of the story.

But lets end on a high note. Comic-Con Documentary!


This ain’t no elevator.

28 Feb

Spent a class talking about animation that’s guided by music. It made me realize I wanted to post this….I know it’s a commercial but this is amazing, watch the whole thing.

In other good music news…John K! Bjork! Two things that seem acid-induced!

also made me think of this music video (the song isn’t mind blowing, however stop motion jelly beans ARE)

and another video with mediocre music and insanely,  awesomely,  head-spinningly good animation

But most importantly, if you didn’t know Bach was amazing, here is further proof.

It takes a lot to NOT give up.

27 Feb

Mind officially blown.

Some artwork from Jean Baptiste VenDamme

all found at the blog that kicks my blogs ass, then allows my blog to heal, and then kicks its ass again… (characterdesign.blogspot.com)

Their interview and more of his work here:



Binary Sex

17 Feb

This documentary has robots, stop-motion, and foul language. Clearly it was made for me, and me alone. But I guess I can share it with you.



I’m dying to see the animated shorts that have been nominated for the Oscars this year. I can’t find them. For now I’ll have to settle with some other ones…….. but I’ll be pouting while I enjoy them!

This next one was done by a couple in their small apartment. I believe it took a couple years to finish, and now they run their own studio called Tiny Inventions. The water is made with jello. I really love that the water is made with jello.

And finally, an interesting (?) idea, stop motion about Tchaikovsky. Well, I’d watch it, cause this time lapse video alone made me pee my pants.


Animation violence is better than real violence.

15 Feb

Great animation from Tippet Studio.

Woody Wins Again

2 Feb

Watched this in history class, tried to keep the laughing down.

In 1991, Joel Fletcher drank Coors.

19 Jan

Ran across this on Cartoon Brew, a stop-motion commercial from 1991, pretty intense work for a 30 second ad, here’s the link to the video, process description, and photos on Joel Fletcher’s blog.

MAKING MICKEY’S PARADE | Commercials | The Art of Joel Fletcher.