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In progress

16 Jan
Squid in progress, chavant clay.

Squid in progress, chavant clay.


I am almost done with my squid sculpture, still working on texture and cleaning up every arm and tentacle!


Oh hey!

9 Jan

So excited to start this website and the blog! I’ll be updating my blog with anything I find..fine-art, animation, music, movies, books, fashion, food (ALWAYS food), whatever. Here and there I will update with new work as well!

Anyway, check out my work so far, animations to come, and send me links to some great art (yours or someone elses)…. or anything cool for that matter. (ie. robots, bacon, game of thrones, news, more bacon)

Some recent inspiration and excitement over school break involves devouring (and highly recommending) these two books:

Falling back in love with this older(ish) song:

And one of my favorite pastimes, watching TONS of trailers! Here are two upcoming movies of the many that caught my fancy:

I suppose that is all for now, time for some Maya tutorials!